Artist: Sofia Hoffmann
Release Date: 3 June 2022
Genres: Jazz, pop & indian classic music

About the Album

REBIRTH is the latest album by Sofia Hoffmann, which gathers jazz, Indian classical music and some of the most beautiful songs of the Lusophone songbook. Producing and performing at Sofia’s side is the veteran GRAMMY® winning arranger and pianist John Beasley, who also wrote the arrangements and played piano and keyboards. The international sitar player, Arjun Verma, son of the late Acharya Roop Verma and disciple of Ali Akbar Khan, is a key piece in the original musical identity of Rebirth, with the unique sound of his sitar and with the arrangements of the Indian Classical Music pieces.

This album has not only the intention of reconnecting the world through high quality music, but also pays a tribute to some of the most prominent jazz, pop and Indian Artists who have inspired us with their music.

Rebirth was conceived during the pandemic – a time of so much uncertainty – which was a reminder to seed new art, nurture diversity, and surrender to expression even more, to reunite the east with the west.


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